Dr. Grossman uses Radiesse to fill and contour deeper wrinkles, folds and hollow areas you may have in your face. We us it mainly in your cheeks, and in the folds around your nose, mouth and chin. It is also perfect for lifting areas of loose skin, since it has a very stable, firm texture. Radiesse can even turn up the corners of your mouth and strengthen your jawline. The benefits of Radiesse treatments are seen instantly, and last up to a full year or more.

The unique composition of Radiesse is formulated of tiny, smooth microspheres of calcium hydroxylapatite suspended in a biocompatable carboxymethylcellulose gel. These microspheres create a structure onto which your body deposits natural collagen, lengthening the effects. Because Radiesse contains a component naturally found in our bones and teeth, but does not contain animal products, it is very unlikely to produce an allergic reaction. For your comfort, we apply topical anesthetic and combine Radiesse with lidocaine before injection.

Radiesse is so effective at ameliorating facial deficits that it is FDA-approved for treating patients who have lipoatrophy as a result of anti-HIV medications. Recently, Medicare approved Radiesse treatments for payment in certain circumstances, so if you have Medicare please ask us about how to get your procedure covered. In addition, patient assistance programs are often available from the manufacturer.