Patient Benefits

Being an AlphaBetterCare patient rewards you not only with great care, but also with access to premium benefits. Patients are not required to pay a membership or annual fee–but visits and copays will be required to access services.

World-class personal physician

An experienced and well-respected physician, Howard A. Grossman, MD, is board-certified in Internal Medicine and has been caring for patients in New York City and New Jersey for over 25 years. In addition, he has coordinated clinical care in countries around the world. He has been a patient health care advocate, served as the director of the American Academy of AIDS Medicine, a prestigious non-profit organization, and was a leading anti HIV drug medical researcher on his own and at Fenway Community Health Center, the largest gay and lesbian health care facility in the world.

Extensive one-on-one time with your doctor

AlphaBetterCare believes that great medical care requires taking the time to interact with patients, not rushing one out so the next one may be rushed in. Our initial visits, annual checkup visits, and regular office visits are all much longer, as much as twice as long, as the standard times allotted at most other practices. This extra time is necessary for our physicians to focus on truly getting to know you and providing you with the best preventive care, advice, and personal service–essential benefits that insurance doesn’t cover.

Our small, private offices allow Dr. Grossman and our other providers to get to know you and your needs completely, while giving you the benefit of their expertise. The staff at AlphaBetterCare is committed to making your experience at our office pleasant and positive.

Convenient appointments

We respect your time. Call or e-mail us and we’ll make an appointment when it is best for you. Same day, next day, and even Saturday appointments are available when possible. Confirm, change, or cancel an appointment on our website, by e-mail, or by phone. If your schedule changes, we’re happy to adapt to your needs. We’re here to serve you! Just note that we do require 24-hour notice for any schedule changes or there will be a fee of $50. For annual checkup visits and initial visits the fee is $100.

Anytime access to our doctors and our staff

If you have a pressing need, you can call our office anytime and get connected to Dr. Grossman, or a covering provider, by phone. Or for non-emergencies, leave a message and our staff will answer it the next day we are open. If it’s more convenient for you to contact us online, you can ask the doctor medical questions and get answers on our patient portal, privately and securely.

Advanced electronic features on our website

Getting prescriptions has never been easier. Our website allows you request renewals or new medications whenever you need them—quickly, easily, and completely privately. We’ll review what you need and send the orders electronically to your preferred pharmacy if the doctor approves them. Controlled substances can now be sent electronically as well. Please note that we are very strict about your visit schedule. Our providers will let you know right away if you must come in to see us before we can renew any medication.

We can also publish your test results securely online as soon after the doctor reviews them. You’ll receive an e-mail letting you know that they are ready for viewing. That way, if you want to refer to them or show them to another doctor, it is easy and convenient.

Completely Seamless Extended Care

As a Senior Attending Physician at Mount Sinai Roosevelt Hospital and as an affiliate at Overlook Medical Center, Morristown Medical Center, and NYU Medical Center, Dr. Grossman is able to admit you to the hospital as his patient if it is ever necessary. He will be able to oversee your care while you are in the hospital, working with the professional, full-time hospitalists to ensure that you get the best treatment possible. You will never be a so-called ward patient with no personal doctor. We will always be on your team. If you are admitted to any other hospital, Dr. Grossman will check in with the doctors there to make sure that he’s aware of what treatment you are receiving.

Additional Services

Controlled-substance prescriptions need extra attention and oversight. We are committed to providing you with the fastest and easiest way of getting your medication, so we can now prescribe them electronically. In addition, we adhere to all monitoring and tracking regulations, which require extensive doctor and staff time. This service requires a visit or a $20 processing fee per prescription.

We will provide you with an electronic copy of your entire medical record on an easy-to-carry, recordable CD upon request. That way if you are traveling or ever need to bring your records to another doctor you will be prepared. Of course, we are happy to fax or send medical records to any other doctor you would like at no additional charge. Medical records sent to insurance providers or others are charged a 75-cent processing fee per page.

Travel consultations and medications are usually not covered by insurance. We will bill any travel visits to your insurance and accept their payment in full if they cover the visit. If they do not, we charge $175 for the visit. Travel vaccines that are not covered are billed at our cost plus 15 percent; vaccine administration costs $25 for each shot.

We believe that flu shots are important and should be received annually by all our patients. Your insurance will pay for an annual flu shot!

We want to reward our medical patients with easier access to Dr. Grossman’s top-notch aesthetic care. You will receive a 20% discount off our regular prices for any service that you would like!

Annual Fees

AlphaBetterCare is committed to keeping the cost of your healthcare as reasonable as possible. That’s why we accept insurance, and that’s why we are no longer charging an annual fee for patients. We’re proud of the AlphaBetterCare way: great, high-quality care and premium benefits at a modest cost.