New Patient Information

Welcome to AlphaBetterCare!

Our new patient intake procedure is as follows. We have you come in for a first visit with the doctor. At that visit you discuss any current issues or problems you may be experiencing, and you go over your complete health history. We also take all the blood and samples needed for our intake lab tests. At the end of that visit we collect any copay that is required.

A few weeks later we schedule you for a follow up and physical exam. Please do not use any moisturizer or oil on your skin on the day of that visit. This second visit can count as an annual checkup for insurance purposes. Please make sure to let us know if you’ve had an annual checkup in the last 12 months so we can note the date of it in your chart.

Here are the instructions for what is required before your first visit with Dr. Grossman.

  1. You MUST choose Dr. Grossman as your primary care physician with your insurance plan (if required) and confirm that this election has become effective BEFORE the date of your visit or your insurance company will not pay! We need to know your insurance information at least one day before your visit. If you haven’t told us already, make sure to send us your insurance company name, ID number, and group number. Also, you must bring with you your insurance card, photo ID and a credit or debit card with you.
  2. Bring with you any previous doctor visit records or test results if you have them. We would also like the names and phone numbers of your previous doctors so that we may request records from them. You can fill out the proper authorization forms when you are in our office, or contact them directly to authorize the transfer.
  3. Please fast for 12 hours before your initial visit. That means nothing to eat and only water and black coffee without sugar to drink. Don’t skip any medications during the fasting period. If it is not possible for you to fast, let us know and we will schedule you to come in another time for a fasting blood draw.
  4. Bring in a detailed list of any medications (prescription and over the counter) that you take regularly. Include the dose, schedule and the date you started taking each one. If it is more convenient you may bring in prescription records or your prescription bottles. It is very important that we have this information as accurately as possible.
  5. Fill out our new patient forms on our patient portal web site at least one day before your scheduled visit. To do this, go to and click on the Patient Login button at the top right of the screen. Enter the username and password that you should have received already by email. The first time you log in you will have to complete your registration and choose a permanent password. To authenticate yourself, use your date of birth only. Make sure your new password doesn’t contain any special characters and is at least eight characters long.

    When you get to your portal home page, start by filling out the Account Information and Additional Information forms. After that, scroll down to the Questionnaire section and completely fill in all the forms there, including all the pages of all six medical history forms (arranged as tabs across the top of the window).

    Fill out all the forms completely, making sure to answer every question that applies to you. If the answer to a question would be “None”, please just leave that question blank. Even if the system tells you to write “none” please don’t! Also, make sure to press the Submit or Update button at the bottom of each page. This will ensure that your answers are saved into your secure patient records.

    If you do not complete the Medical History questionnaires before your visit, you will need to do that in our office before the doctor sees you. If you arrive early, you may do this before your appointment time but filling the forms out here may reduce the amount of time that the doctor is able to spend with you. Please fill out your forms in advance to avoid this possibility!

The AlphaBetterCare appointment no-show charge for regular appointments with any provider is $25. The annual checkup appointment no-show charge is $75. The no-show charge for initial office visits is $100. No-show charges will be charged to the payment method we have on file on the day of the appointment. If that payment method is invalid, an invoice will be generated and no further appointments will be scheduled until this charge is paid.

Patients can avoid no-show charges by informing us of any appointment cancellations at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment by phone, portal message, or email. In case of an emergency or if an appointment is no longer needed because the problem has been resolved, the 24 hour notice requirement will be waived. However, we must be notified before the appointment time or a charge will apply in all cases